Monday, January 08, 2018

Exchange student

It's always my dream to study outside Malaysia, where I can see the world from different view, a different perspective, different culture and lifestyle.

I got offer to study in UK before, but I miss that opportunity. It's ok, maybe not my rezeki to study abroad yet.

Now, I want to apply exchange student program under government! Please pray for me, I really hope that I will be selected!

Musim Exam

Sekarang ni tengah musim exam! Alhamdulillah aku dah habis dua paper, start hari Jumaat hari tu. Hari ni baru habis satu paper, paper Taxation. Tak tau lah nak cakap ok ke tak. Aku rasa aku dah buat sehabis baik dah, tawakal je lah.

Ada empat paper lagi kena fokus, paper Advanced Audit, Company Law, Accounting Information System, dengan Advance Financial Reporting.

Ntahlah, aku harap sangat aku boleh score for the next paper!! Aku ni tak de lah pandai mana..pointer pun cukup cukup makan je...

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Heaven day is Monday

Due to the topic, yes monday is heaven for me! Why I said it because I have no class on monday! Haha.. while my friends they have to wake up ealier in the morning to go to class I can heavenly continue my dream.

Actually this is my second semester where I don't have class on monday, usually I love my schedule like this because when I go back to my hometown, I can extend my weekend, hehe..thus I have three days for holiday.

But, what is the bad thing about this is I always waste my time and I dont use it properly. I have more time rather than other but I hate when I dont finish my work during my free time. I am procatinating. Yes.

Today, I went to Queensbay to watch Kingsman, it is really fascinating! yeah, good movie..then until night I still dont start doing my homework and study. Lol. Hopefully I will change.


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