Friday, March 28, 2014

Running Man Episode 187

I just watched Running man. Hehe. This episode was about "University Festival". For this episode, each main player had to go to their choosen university and picked any two of the student there to be in their group. Yoo Jea Suk went to University of Korea, Ji Suk Jin Kyung Hee university, Kwang Soo Sogang University, Gary, Sungshin Women's University, Kim Joong Kook Chung-Ah University, Haha Dongguk University and Song Ji Hyo Konkuk University. If you already watched, they used varied method to choose the students like audition to make sure their group members were tough enough to complete the mission.

In the first mission, which group won first, they were given specialty to choose the material for making their own boat to cross Han River. The first group that won in first mission was Ji Suk Jin's group followed by Haha, Jea Suk, Jong Kook, Kwang Soo, Ji Hyo and Gary. The materials served were bottles, drink cans, balls, plastic bags, blankets, balloons and basins. I shocked when I saw the materials and asked, 'Can they do a boot with that particular substance?" and I was trigger to see the consequences. Then, Ji Suk Jin chose bottles, Jea Suk drink cans, Haha basins, Jong Kook balls, Kwang Soo ballons, Ji Hyo blankets and Gary plastic bags. 

In the beginning, poor to Kwang Soo's group because when they were filling the balloons with the air, some balloon kept breaking, maybe because not careful when handling the balloons. Moreover, Gary's group, they had to blow the air into the plastic bags. All the groups worked arduous and deligently when making boots to complete the mission.

When they finished, they went to Han River. All the boots were very ama

zing and creative. It is not easy to make one I think. To make it simple I short cut the story, the winner was Song Ji Hyo's group which they only used blanket as the material of their boot. The second group was Gary together with two female students. They had became the top group even though they were in the bottom in the first mission. The materials were not the matter but the most important was strategies, how you built the boot and cooperation between the members. Here, I was motivated that, whoever that fall first do not means that he will fall forever. And do not give up even you just have cheap materials or not as good as the other. They did not reckoned that blanket can float smoothly and they expected that plastic bags or balloons easily.  This episode was really deabak.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” 

― Confucius

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